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Best Food Steamer Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2023

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Are you looking for a healthier way to cook your meals? Look no further than a food steamer. With its ability to cook food without the need for oils or fats, it’s no wonder that food steamers are gaining popularity in kitchens around the world. In this section, you will find expert reviews and a comprehensive buyer’s guide for the best food steamers available in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen steamer or a multi-purpose steamer, we have got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • A food steamer is a healthier way to cook your meals.
  • Expert reviews and a comprehensive buyer’s guide are available for the best food steamers in 2023.
  • Whether you’re looking for a kitchen steamer or a multi-purpose steamer, there is a food steamer that suits your needs.
  • Food steamers eliminate the need for oils or fats when cooking, making them ideal for healthier cooking.
  • Steam cooking retains the natural flavors and nutrients in your food, making it a great choice for those interested in healthy eating.

Choosing the Right Food Steamer for Your Needs

When it comes to making healthy food, steam cooking is one of the best methods for retaining the nutritional value of food while still creating delicious meals. A steamer for food provides a healthier cooking experience than traditional methods. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. This section will guide you through factors to consider when selecting a steamer.

Types of Steamers

There are several types of steamers available to choose from, including electric food steamers, vegetable steamers, and stovetop steamers. Electric food steamers are the most popular, as they provide an easy, hassle-free way to steam food. They come with different capacities, meaning that you can cook anything from a small meal to a large feast. Vegetable steamers, on the other hand, are designed for healthy cooking and come in a range of sizes. Stovetop steamers are typically used for professional cooking and can whip up large quantities of food at once.

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Features to Look For

When selecting a steamer for food, it’s important to take into account various features to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs. Capacity is one important factor, as it determines how much food you can cook at one time. Functionality and ease of use are also essential, as you want a steamer that is simple to operate and produces delicious food. Additionally, consider factors such as durability, easy to clean, and safety features.

Features Electric Food Steamer Vegetable Steamer Stovetop Steamer
Capacity Can cook a variety of foods in different capacities, from small batches to large meals. Suitable for small to medium-sized servings of vegetables. Can cook more food at once than electric steamers.
Functionality and Ease of Use Feature-rich, can cook seafood, chicken, and vegetables all at once. Some models have timers and automatic shut-off. Simple to operate and great for cooking small to medium-sized quantities of vegetables. Professional-grade steamer that can whip up large quantities of food at once.
Safety Features Automatic shut-off or timer function. Stay-cool handles and lid, automatic shut-off or timer function. Stay-cool handles and lid, pressure release valve, double handles for stability.
Durability Usually made of durable plastic or stainless steel, with some models even having glass containers. They require proper cleaning, but last for years with proper maintenance. Typically made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. often made of aluminium and they are prone to rust if not maintained.
Price Prices start at £ 30 and can go up to £ 300 for more advanced models. Prices start at £ 10 and go up to £ 50 for more feature-rich models. Prices typically start at £ 50 and can go up to £ 200 for more advanced models

When it comes to choosing the right steamer, ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for in terms of features, price, and functionality. Hopefully, this guide has helped you make an informed decision. Keep in mind, regardless of which steamer you choose, you will be investing in healthy cooking for yourself and your loved ones.

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Benefits of Steam Cooking for Healthy Cooking

Steam cooking has become increasingly popular for its numerous benefits that promote healthy cooking. It is a simple yet effective way to prepare a variety of dishes, from vegetables to meats, while maintaining their nutritional value. In this section, we will delve into the advantages of steam cooking, including minimal nutrient loss, retention of natural flavors, and reduced fat intake.

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Minimal Nutrient Loss

One of the primary benefits of steam cooking is that it helps to preserve the nutrient content of food. Traditional cooking methods like boiling and frying can lead to significant nutrient depletion, as much of the vitamins and minerals get lost in the cooking process. However, steam cooking helps to minimize nutrient loss, by keeping the food moist and tender, resulting in a more nutritious and wholesome meal.

Retention of Natural Flavors

Another advantage of steam cooking is that it retains the natural flavors of the food. Unlike other cooking methods that can mask or alter the taste of the food, steam cooking preserves the original flavors, leaving it moist, tender, and delicious. The food also maintains its natural color, making it not only tasty but visually appealing as well.

Reduced Fat Intake

Steam cooking is ideal for those looking to reduce their fat intake. Unlike frying, which requires the use of oil, steam cooking requires little to no oil or added fats, making it a great choice for those on a low-fat diet. By reducing the amount of added fats, steam-cooked food is not only healthier but also lighter on the stomach, leaving you feeling full and satisfied without the extra calories.

In conclusion, steam cooking is a fantastic way to promote healthy cooking. It not only helps to preserve the nutritional value of food but also retains the natural flavors and reduces fat intake. By incorporating steam cooking into your culinary repertoire, you can elevate your cooking experience and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Investing in a food steamer can enhance your healthy cooking experience and revolutionize the way you prepare food. With our expert reviews and comprehensive buyer’s guide, you can confidently choose the best food steamer that meets your needs. Whether you opt for a kitchen steamer, a multi-purpose steamer, or a vegetable steamer, steam cooking will elevate your culinary experience, enable you to experiment with new recipes, and help you maintain a nutritious and balanced diet.

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By choosing to steam your food, you can retain the natural flavors and essential nutrients, while reducing the intake of unhealthy fats and oils. Steam cooking is an excellent way to prepare a wide variety of dishes, including vegetables, meats, and seafood, without compromising on taste or quality. The gentle heat of steam ensures that your food retains its texture, color, and nutrients, thus providing you with a healthier and tastier meal.

In conclusion, a food steamer is a must-have appliance for any health-conscious individual who wishes to maintain a wholesome diet without sacrificing on taste. By following the tips and guidelines provided in our buyer’s guide, you can choose a food steamer that best suits your needs and budget, and embark on a journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.


What is a food steamer?

A food steamer is a kitchen appliance used for cooking food using steam. It typically consists of a base unit with a water reservoir and one or more steaming compartments where you can place your ingredients. Steam is then generated from the water, and the food is steamed to perfection, retaining its nutrients and natural flavours.

What can I cook in a food steamer?

A food steamer is versatile and can be used to cook a wide variety of ingredients. You can steam vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry, meats, rice, and even desserts. It’s a healthy cooking method that preserves the nutritional value of your food while enhancing its taste and texture.

Are electric food steamers better than stovetop steamers?

Electric food steamers offer convenience and ease of use compared to stovetop steamers. They usually have programmable settings, timers, and automated shut-off features, making them more user-friendly. However, stovetop steamers give you more control over the steaming process and are often more affordable. The choice between the two depends on your personal preferences and cooking needs.

Can I use a food steamer for other purposes?

Yes, many food steamers come with additional features that allow you to use them for different cooking methods. Some steamers have rice bowls or trays for reheating leftovers or steaming grains. Others may have egg holders, making them perfect for boiling eggs. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the capabilities and limitations of your specific food steamer.

How do I clean a food steamer?

Cleaning a food steamer is typically a straightforward process. Most food steamers have removable parts that can be washed with warm soapy water or placed in the dishwasher. The base unit can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your food steamer for optimal performance and longevity.